Monday, September 28, 2009

Who is this guy?

Name: John Yonkers

Occupation: Student, Adventurer, Blogger Extraordinaire

Location: America's High-Five

Interests: Outdoor exploration, Fishing, Guitar, Hiking, Kayaking, Blogging, Reading, Bicycling, Music, Brew Pubs, Amateur Photography and Outdoor Stewardship.

Favorite Spots: Lake Michigan, The entire UP, Traverse City, Petoskey, Onekama, Ann Arbor, Old Baldy, The Big Manistee River, Bear Creek, Manistee, Sleeping Bear Dunes, Portage Lake and Lake Superior.

Favorite Gear: Gerber Multitool, REI 30 Liter Traverse, TNF Dry Weather Hikers, First Ascent Front Point Shell, Eddie Bauer Friday Harbor Rain Jacket, Motorola Quantico Cell Phone and my Olympus Stylus Tough 8010

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

4th of July

Very excited, I know I have not posted in a while, however this is news worthy of posting about! Over the 4th my girlfriend and I will be hiking the shoreline from Onekama to Arcadia! A short trip, but one that is a long time in the making, we have never had the time before, but now that we live elsewhere we are going to be able to do it! Pictures and blog to follow as well as pics and blog about our trip the the Upper, this summer is great! I finally get to be with this beautiful woman all of the time! I hope that anyone who reads this is having a fine summer as well. Off to see Transformers II!


Sunday, February 22, 2009

sun up, i put in,
lake is flat, breeze cool
the heat of the soon to be sweltering sun lifts steam off of the water
as i board my tiny vessel i like to imagine that the ripples she makes start the waves for the day
check the dry box; phone, wallet, keys, improvised map of shore
this is going to be a great day...

still flat
however the sun overhead
its rays shine to the floor of the lake bringing many creatures of the deep into my sight
the small fish, undoubtedly ailwive and smelt
some carp
the behemoth rocks and dock pilings make up their world, their towns and vilages
ahead i see the remnants of an old ship pier
funny that the area on hte shore should be known as pierport, rather literal naming
looking down the shafts of the seemingly ancient poles i cannot help but drum up a small amount of fear of the creatures of the abyss from books and movies
of all the times not to have my mask and snorkel
how perfect it would be to tie up to one of them and descend to its depths in search of fishing lures and other treasures discarded by mankind
by now the sun is starting to burn
wet shirt, lay it across my shoulders
it brings a much needed cooling,
its the closest thing that i will get to shade for another few hours
time to turn around and head south to the place where my journey began
tomorrown i must return to the daily hustle and bustle

Saturday, January 24, 2009

plants... random i know trademarking the phrase "it's grow time"

well i promised myself that i would write on this blog as often as i could, hoping that it would be close to every day. however i find myself doing many other things for school, work and other various reasons... ultimately excuses. so now i will again try to blog often.

Blogging on...

i will blog on anything, put the keyboard in front of me and go to town.

today i will be talking about my plants.

as i live in a dorm room at school i am limited to how i can decorate my room; no candles, certain types of lights, no nails in the walls, the usual. however i have recently found that i really enjoy to grow plants. maybe it is some sort of God complex that i have but i really like to create stuff. i like to learn how things work. so while walking down the aisles of meijer a month ago or so i picked up what i thought to be a neat little bunch of leaves. "PLANT" i said in a wall-E moment. looking at the price tag i saw that it was only 2.99 a real steal i thought. so i bought it, placed it in the window, watered and fed it occasionally and watched the pile of green leaves evolve into a great hanging vine, which is now almost to the floor. since the first plant i have bought i have come back from grocery shopping many times with new vegetation that is slowly taking over my residence. i have even gone as far as buying banana trees from amazon! it is a great new find for me. i am in the process of germinating catnip for calvin, and spearmint for my tea. in the mail i have some banana seeds, palm tree seeds and also seeds from bamboo!

why am i doing this? to learn patience, i am sort of a watch-pot kind of person usually seeking some sort of instant gratification. so by watching these little green sprouts slowly emerge into bushes, shrubs and even trees i am learning the virtue of patience. it is not easy at all let me tell you.

however, i have rambled for a sufficient amount of time, and anyway i have to mist the greenery! take care