Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Guy!

Look at this happy guy on the trail!

Out there on the trail, where I  belong!


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Snowshoeing Extravaganza

Guys and Gals, you asked for it, and heeeeeere it is!

Over the last view days we have been taking to the woods in the fashion of the hare. Yes that's right, we evolved from mere booted hikers to wide-footed stompers. I am talking about snowshoes kids. Snowshoes, quite possibly one of the greatest winter inventions of all time!

Pack the truck!

The snowshoes were a sort of impulse buy on my part last year, but I am very glad that I made it now.

Chels and I headed East to the Tippy Dam Recreation area, a beautiful mass of land whith the North Country Trail running through it. Without the ability to safely make it up the road on foot we decided to hike a bit along the western portion of the river.

As the bank was quite slippery, we opted for the trail the runs along the bank; a safer route indeed.

The ice covered backwaters were calm and the air was filled with nothing, just nothing, not even a passing car could be heard. I spotted a wild photographer while rounding the bend:
Notice how she sheds her stompers when approaching civilization.

We found the trails around Tippy to be overrun by snowmobiles, packing them down to the hardness of a sidewalk, not at all good for shoeing. So we headed home for snacks.

After some much needed nourishment, we again strapped on the snowshoes, this time we headed out on Chels' Grandparents.

One major difference between public land and private property is that the latter is undisturbed and you snowshoes are able to float atop the pristine fluff.

As you can see in places like this the only things with which you share the snow are the animals. Their runways are much like our freeways; there exists a main path, where all the animals travel and inroads and off-ramps where each animal customizes the path to suite his needs. It is really amazing.

The true beauty of the snowshoe is that it allows you to access many places that are very difficult to reach, something that I love, get me away from everything.

Though the snow was not fresh, it was deep enough to support the weight of a hiker with ease. I would really like to wake up one of these mornings to a fresh dumping of lake-affect. Oh how I would tromp and hop around.

Clomp and stomp where no one else has been and you will find true happiness!

What a day of snowshoeing, such activities can leave on so exhausted that they just fall where they are:
... ok, to be fair she was not napping, she was getting the perfect angle for her shot!

The aforementioned animal highway!
What a splendid day indeed.

Day two of snowshoeing called for  hopping on the property behind my childhood home.

The sky was cloudy so not too many quality photos made it out, but the hike was great. The shoes again floated on the snow, which is beginning to become a little crusty. We walked upon a pot where my family has been piling brush for a while and Chelsea and I found that it appears to be a rabbit motel!
Welcome to the Rabbit hole!

Chelsea thought about hanging with them for a while, but they were not home.

Onward we trudged, through the thick pine trees, up small hill after small hill until we reached the top of the hill behind my house:

I can see for miles and miles and milessssss......

Without the snowshoe this little trip would have been nearly impossible.

On our way back to the house I walked Chelsea around our property, by the areas where I played as a child, where I rode dirtbikes, and where we used to cut Christmas trees down.

Just before we came to the barnyard we happened across one of the main reasons that we go snowshoeing;

Look, in the middle, this little little guy in the middle, a rabbit at the base of a pine tree.

I love being outside for many reasons; fresh air, exercise, friendship and entertainment, but by far one of the best reasons for enjoying the out of doors is the chance of encountering animals. It is such a rush to see even the smallest of animals.

I have to say it again: Nature Rocks!

Hope you enjoyed this SnowShoe Extravaganza!

There will be more fun-ness to come!



Today we will be making yet another pilgrimage to one of my favorite places:traverse city.

Not too much in the way of outdoor adventuring is in the plans, just sone shopping with Christmas money. Don't worry you will get an update of I find something cool.

Also, we have been snowshoeing all of the time! I have some cool stories and pics coming, mOst likely coming tonight!

Enjoy this great day.


Monday, December 27, 2010

Very Interesting indeed!

Hey if you are resting up after the holidays you should take some time to watch Snowshoes and Solitude, the original Les Stroud Documentary.

It chronicles his year long trek into the Canadian bush to live off the land with his new wife. The documentary can be seen in 6 parts at:

This is a great show for anyone who watches Survivorman, enjoys bushcraft, is an outdoors enthusiast or just need to occupy themselves with some quality footage.

I hope you enjoy!


ps, my flikr site is coming soon along with an on-blog slideshow! PREPARE!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Living Large!

Chelsea and I decided to treat ourselves to a little bit of luxury!

I know it is not what you are used to seeing on this blog, but even the out of doors type need a little pampering every once in a while!

In Keeping with our tradition we spent a few days at Turtle Creek Casino and Resort! We lived it up and got some much needed pampering!

Enjoy the pics!

On our way home we took a trip up Old Mission Peninsula. It was a first for both of us. What a beautiful place. It is almost like a park on the edge of a city. Due to some time constraints we could not spend too much time up there. But watch the blog for the follow up trip soon!
Bower's Harbor Shot!

And then we went to the Jolly Pumpkin, and it was on limited hours for the off season, so it looks like a return trip is really in order!

We ended the day with some burgers at Mackinaw Brewing and a sampler platter at Right Brain Brewery which was not at all a disappointment!

I have a few pics of Christmas presents coming soon!

We will be hitting the trails on the snowshoes in the morn! Wish us luck!


Christmas has come and gone:

Well well well, another Christmas has come and gone and I am, again, satisfied with the time that I got to spend with my family.

Not to mention the gifts! Oh the gifts are spectacular!

What did I get? Well for starters:

  • A blue canvas jacket
  • some new Wii Games
  • Candy!
  • Cologne
  • House slippers
  • Money
  • Handgun bullets :)
  • Dress shirts for school
  • headphones
  • knife sharpening tools
  • money
  • New Oakleys!
  • Pendelton Flannels
  • Kindle Gift Card
  • Fly Tying Material
  • Blankets
  • Blue-Ray DVD player!
AND we still have one more Christmas to go!

Bower's Harbor

Chelsea and I also made a trip up to the Casino in the North Country, Blog coming soon!

Also, tomorrow we will be taking some time to go snowshoeing! Expect great shots from Chelsea, she got new lenses!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

12/12 Snowday Extravaganza!

Good blustery afternoon one and all. We have had quite the Sunday-Funday so far!

It started around 6 this morning. I awoke and cracked my copy of The Living Great Lakes. I am only 20 some pages in, but I can tell that this is going to be my kind of book. I like knowing all of the towns and places mentioned in the book, makes me feel at home.

Upon looking outside I noticed that we had received quite a bit of snow overnight, much to my excitement.

Chelsea and I suited up, and headed out for a quick grocery trip. Being out early is a definite advantage when living in the city. Though you have to brave the roads without plows you do get to experience stores without the dirty midday hordes, and believe me, beating the crowds around here is a must.

When we returned with our batch of groceries and made a great lunch-fest!
Delightful Cheese Panini's 



Lunch-fest was filling indeed. With our bellies full we settled in for an afternoon film, which you ask?
The Office Overtime! It is a collection of shorts from the group at the Office! Pretty good, especially the music videos!

After the Office we were enticed by the continually falling snow. Something about the first big one. We chose Parker Mill Park, it is close and not usually too busy. Follow the link and you will see the park in the summer time. Parker Mill has many great trails and viewpoints of the Huron River.

It is equally pretty in the winter:

Part of the original Parker Settlement.

We did not get to get too far down the trails, but getting out only a little is much better than not getting out at all hey! It was a nice brisk walk in blowing sleet conditions.

Calvin was waiting for us when we returned home. I assumed by his greeting that he wanted to check out this snow stuff, so:

Needless to say he was not too excited. Sorry for the misreading of your thoughts Calvin :)

Now it is time for an oven pizza and Sherlock Holmes!

Hope you are enjoying this massive storm. Stay warm and safe,


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A familiar trip

After an endless late night drive north we made it to our lodgings. We were treated to snacks and drinks by my parents. The cats acclimated to their new surroundings and began to establish the pecking order for snackage.

We retired early and drifted off while watching Seinfeld, a tradition while at home.

In the morning we were treated to a beautiful blanket of fresh snow.

Harboring the inspiration that I get on mornings such as this, I quickly fried up some eggs and toasted bread. Chels and I ate and discussed the best plan of attack for the day.

We decided on what is becoming our new spot; Old Baldy.

Arriving at the parking lot we were greeted by an un-groomed path and lot. Our tracks were the only ones around. We packed the cameras, water, tripod and mittens and headed down the trail.

While chelsea was busy snapping some of her great work, I rushed ahead to see what was in the middle of the trail ahead.
Here she comes!

It appears that though we were the first humans on the trail that day, we were not the first life-forms, beaten by bunnies!

The trail was snow-covered, lightly, but still covered. My old standard hikers, the Keen Targhee model, help up well in the snow and subsequent not-yet-frozen sand dune. I am very glad that I got those a few years ago.

Snow slowly fell as we made our way through the woods to the blownout dune. Our anticipation of the view to come would not be overshadowed by the weather.

But alas, as we made it to the stairs leading to the dunes the sky emerged a gorgeous blue as if we were being welcomed by the lake:

The view from the top of these stairs is as close as you will get to perfect:

We hiked to the Northern lookout of the dune were I noticed a wall of snow heading our direction, however I snapped this before the snow came:

We played, frolicked, shot our Christmas card photo and hiked to the highest point we could find! Most of all we enjoyed each other's company.

Here are a few of the more memorable shots from the trip:

Setting up for the Christmas Card! ------>

Hello Lake Michigan! (Hey Tim Allen was right about Michigan's Beauty hey? P.S. Pure Michigan still lives!)

This was a great hike, I cannot wait for the snow to become so deep that the average hiker lays up his hikers until the spring. At that time I will strap on the snowshoes and head back to Old Baldy, it has got to be even nicer draped heavily with thick, lake-effect snow!

Bring it on mother nature! Enjoy the snow friends!


P.S. dropped the new Olympus Stylus Tough in the snow halfway through this trip and it continued to take great shots! Long live everything-proof cameras! New review coming soon!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Fresh Morning

I awoke this morning to find a fresh blanket of fluffy snow laid across the land. It is so refreshing to see a clean slate for the busy season to come.

On days like these I feel very inspired. I cannot wait to have enough snow to snowshoe on in a few weeks! I checked mine out this morning and they appear to be in working order still.

Well, it is time to pack up and head south :( so I will say goodbye.

Wish us luck. We will be back sooner than you know.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

The personalization continues!

My partner in crime is an artist, in drawing, painting, photography and a load of other various artistic doings.

However, this time she has outdone herself!

I give you the new RSOC banner:


This is radically representative of the RSOC ideal; loud, explosive, creative and of course RANDOM!

In other, unrelated news, it snowed yesterday. I of course had to work, but it was glorious working in the slow falling crystallized liquid. Thank you nature.