Saturday, January 24, 2009

plants... random i know trademarking the phrase "it's grow time"

well i promised myself that i would write on this blog as often as i could, hoping that it would be close to every day. however i find myself doing many other things for school, work and other various reasons... ultimately excuses. so now i will again try to blog often.

Blogging on...

i will blog on anything, put the keyboard in front of me and go to town.

today i will be talking about my plants.

as i live in a dorm room at school i am limited to how i can decorate my room; no candles, certain types of lights, no nails in the walls, the usual. however i have recently found that i really enjoy to grow plants. maybe it is some sort of God complex that i have but i really like to create stuff. i like to learn how things work. so while walking down the aisles of meijer a month ago or so i picked up what i thought to be a neat little bunch of leaves. "PLANT" i said in a wall-E moment. looking at the price tag i saw that it was only 2.99 a real steal i thought. so i bought it, placed it in the window, watered and fed it occasionally and watched the pile of green leaves evolve into a great hanging vine, which is now almost to the floor. since the first plant i have bought i have come back from grocery shopping many times with new vegetation that is slowly taking over my residence. i have even gone as far as buying banana trees from amazon! it is a great new find for me. i am in the process of germinating catnip for calvin, and spearmint for my tea. in the mail i have some banana seeds, palm tree seeds and also seeds from bamboo!

why am i doing this? to learn patience, i am sort of a watch-pot kind of person usually seeking some sort of instant gratification. so by watching these little green sprouts slowly emerge into bushes, shrubs and even trees i am learning the virtue of patience. it is not easy at all let me tell you.

however, i have rambled for a sufficient amount of time, and anyway i have to mist the greenery! take care