Sunday, October 30, 2011

Many New Things

Last week, my much awaited Columbia Bugagloves arrived. Right now the weather is not cold enough to justify turning on the battery pack. But as the nightly lows continue a downward pattern my excitement is growing.

Expect a full-fledged review soon after the first snow; oh heck, if the weather gets cold enough and I have some spare time I should probably do an overview of the features before then. 

The day after those got here I was getting some pictures of the local Moosejaw when I found a pair of FiveFingers that were at such a good price that it was ridiculous not to pic them up. Wore them three days this week. When you have them on things come at you in a different way. For example; the first day wearing them it rained. Upon my arrival at school, I had to make a conscious effort not to step in the deep muddy spots where my Keen shoes would keep me dry. I feel a little more grounded in them, my feet get a chance to stretch under my weight and exercise muscles that are usually aided by the confines of the modern shoe.

Still doing daily workouts on the Metolious Rock Rings. I think that I may make a trip to the climbing gym before my finals, just to see how it is. I will surely have the strength; hopefully the skill comes right along.

I also have found a new interest in mountain biking and am working on acquiring a decent bike. I have a friend that is lending me a bike until I get a set of wheels of my own. 

Working on some pieces for the Grand Traverse Mountain Bike Association, The Awesome Mitten and Very excited to be working with all of these people!

Putting together a story about Sleeping Bear Dunes in the late fall. Would you like a preview pic? Ok:

Time to get on that pile of books that needs to be read.

Enjoy what looks like it will be a beautiful day!


Monday, October 24, 2011

Beer Review: Founder's Centennial IPA

(Check out that sweet Love(Micghigan) glass!)

I believe that everyday should be IPA day.

That being said, let's dive into Founder's Centennial IPA.

This beer has recently popped up on my radar as an easy drinking IPA that has a multitude of complexities going on under the foam.

The pour of Centennial produces a light copper beer that is clearly unfiltered (being unfiltered really adds to the grainy texture).

As you pour you will definitely notice a piney scent mixed with hints of citrus. Once in the mouth the pine flavor expands across the pallet, you will also notice that the citrus is clearly lemon which helps the beer to finish with a very specific crispness.

The bitterness of the hops is slightly sweetened by toasty malts.

I generally prefer my IPA to really blast my mouth with carbonation; however, the mellow amount of carbonation of the Centennial is refreshing.

If you are looking for a crisp IPA that is as good with a hearty meal as it is by itself, then I would pick up a sixer of Founder's Centennial IPA.

Let me know what you think of it when you do.


(Check out the last review:New Holland: Ichabod)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Busy Anniversary Day!

Truth be told we celebrated more yesterday. Yesterday we went to the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market, got some great produce, poked around in KerryTown and picked up some exotic teas at the Spice Merchant and then headed West.

We first stopped in Dexter at Jenny's Cider Mill and got some cider and pumpkins. Chels took some shots of the goats, ponies and donkeys and we were off again. This time to Chelsea for some lunch at Las Fuentes. (very good Mexican food at great prices)

Chelsea got me a Cateye computer for my bike. I am very anxious for this week's class work to be done so that I can play with it.

After a few hours of studying we went for a little walk this afternoon.

Found a dead little snake.

Churned some butter like a pro.

Chelsea with her new camera sling.

Squash seeds ready for baking.

Pineapple and avocado sprouts.

Baking up the squash and seeds.

I currently have a homemade pumpkin pie in the oven and it should be done in a few minutes. Hope you have a great week.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Columbia Bugagloves

I entered a twitter contest yesterday to win a pair of these sweet electric powered Bugagloves. With little, hope as is expected with online contests, I entered.

To my surprise I won!

Currently awaiting their arrival! I am way excited to see what kind of heat this little guys pack!

Expect a review very shortly, loads of excitement in my camp tonight!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Holland Brewing: Ichabod

Chilly Autumn evenings call for bonfires, good stories and appropriate beer.

I'm talking about some pumpkin ale, rich, spicy pumpkin ale, make it from Michigan.

New Holland's Ichabod is the perfect companion for a cool Autumn night.

Rich amber color in the glass with a decent head that hung around for a bit.

The first distinguishable thing with this pumpkin ale is that it seems to fill your mouth while holding a syrupy consistency. Through the thick feel you get hit with a mellow malts and definite spices: nutmeg being the most prevalent. Once you taste the nutmeg hold on because the pumpkin will soon follow. Though the pumpkin flavor is mild and mellow it is there, and quite easily discernible.

Ichabod finishes a bit acidic with coppery hints that sort of cleanse your pallet for another drink.

I find it enjoyable and quite easy to drink, though one per session might be enough so that the acid doesn't get to you.


Friday, October 7, 2011

New Toys!

Last week I ordered these sweet rock rings from Moosejaw in Ann Arbor. I just picked them up and am foaming at the mouth to give them a try!

I am going to play with them for a week or so and then give you guys a video demo!

Time to continue enjoying my three day weekend!

Go do something fun!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Michigan Showing Off

Look who started showing off in my backyard!

The changing leaves give proof that Fall is a great season in Michigan!

Have a great day,


Monday, October 3, 2011

A late birthday gift

I am still on this goal to do some indoor bouldering and rockwalling. However, I would like to show up to the gym and be in shape for the rigors of climbing. This means strengthening my fingers, forearms and back with various pull-up combinations.

Enter the use of rock rings! I have played around on these nifty things at MooseJaw a few times and I think that they will do the trick!

I would really like to have one of the 3D training boards, but you have to have a good spot to put that up, and something tells me that the landlord would not like be mounting that in the wall!

Well, here they are: 

Ordered them from MooseJaw on Friday. 

PS, those people at MooseJaw are super handy and friendly. A great company with loads of character! Not a big box store with bland faces.

Have a great day.

I will let you know how these things work when they get in!