Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Trickity Trick Dog Cafe

Have you ever found yourself in search of just the right piece of eclectic art or d├ęcor to complete your look, or possibly to serve as the perfect gift for that lover of contemporary art on your list? If you have, then you should drop what you are doing and take a day trip to Elberta, a village that is sandwiched between the curves of M22 and the endless expanse of Lake Michigan and serves as the home-base to Trick Dog Gallery.

Trick Dog houses the art work of Greg Jaris. Jaris is a Northern Michigan artist whose artwork has a uniquely Northern Michigan summertime feel. He depicts people enjoying sunshine, wine, various animals and a host of differing dog characters. The art is playful, fun, amusing and very much original. I can guarantee that you will not find anything like it.

While the artwork inside the building is great, if you step back you will see that the building itself is a true work of

During your walk from the parking lot to the entrance you are greeted by giant statues, a fence with a mind of its own and finally a beautiful mosaic mural at the store’s entrance.

While at the gallery make sure you take the time to
appreciate each and every detail. The unique furniture on the patio was constructed by Jaris, proving that he is an artist
of function and design. Every aspect of the building has the touch of an artist from the great mosaic mural down to the
concrete where Jaris stamped in varying patterns and imprints.

Trick Dog always serves as a great way to energize my creative side.

I recommend sipping the house espresso on the patio while taking in the views of Betsie Bay.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bandemer Park Disc Golf

You know that I love hiking, biking, kayaking and basically anything that has even the slightest hint of being outdoor oriented.

The view from the beginner's tee on hole 1

Well, with the hope of expanding my scope of outdoor activity I picked up a beginner's set of disc golf discs. This sport has always intrigued me, I just have never been able to find the time. I thought that it was the kind of thing that you had to devote a whole day to, and that seemed like a large barrier to entry as a beginner.

Not so though. For whatever reason I got these discs and went out to a local spot on Friday morning: Bandemer Park.

Friday morning was crisp and clear; a perfect lead-in to Fall in my opinion. So, out I go, poised to attack this new activity.

The whole course is surrounded by a walking path.

Each fairway is covered with wood-chips and appears kept-up.

Between holes players are treated to pleasant trails.

This course, being my first, did not seem too challenging. However, I stuck to the beginner's tees. I did play the 8th from the middle tee with decent results.

I will return from time to time as my schedule allows.

Though the course was strewn with litter; beer bottles, Gatorade containers, cigarette butts, and chip bags, and a fair amount of graffiti, it provided me with a nice break from the brick and mortar, the green-yellow-red and the noise. Nestled almost under the freeway you feel like you are miles out of the town, a comforting feeling for me.

Disc golf, who knew I would like this stuff!

Here is the set that I have: They seem to work pretty well.

Super cool hole: you have to zip the disc through that branch!

An odd disc golf retreat?

Teeing off on the 7th.

My first attempt from a mid-length tee. It was cool throwing downward.

Give it a try, not too much to invest and it gets you out of the house and walking around!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I just wanted to share one of my favorite pictures.

It is the beach at Portage Point in Onekama, Michigan. The rocks are laid out just perfectly, and the shore is empty; just the way that I like it.

Have a great Tuesday,


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dirt road scrambling

I took this pic while up north. While I was out on some lazy country roads I came upon a perfectly graded dirt road.

I pounced in the opportunity an opened that old Schwinn up. Goo times were had by all.

Of course I stumble on this shot while I spinning in the living room and reading for class during a rainstorm. Oh the irony, blogging about a perfect setting while a less than perfect scenario plays out. I do enjoy the rain though.

Half hour left to go, then it is off to Blue Tractor for some brew.


Friday, September 9, 2011

A new piece of gear joins the ranks

To pass my free moments I have been scouring the back alleys of craigslist in search of a mountain bike (as if I needed another hobby).

I think I do need another hobby, the best thing is that this is a hobby that I will be able to pursue in my current location. There are numerous mountain biking trails within a short distance of Ann Arbor (there may even be a few within city limits hush hush hey?) However that is not the point of this post.

While crawling on the old CR I stumbled upon a guy who is moving across the country and offering up loads of goodies for super cheap!

I was lured in by some Azonic Fusion pedals for the commuter. (They will be great for wet weather riding)

However when I got there he also had a sweet "weatherproof duffel bag. The price was right so I picked it up.

Truth be told it is a little smaller than I was looking for, but surprisingly roomy.

Don't get me wrong, it is not a waterproof beast like the iconic North Face Duffel, however I think it will be a solid bag for the kinds of things that I do now. I am especially excited to use it in my kayak to keep my stuff out  of harms way from splashes and the normal water that somehow makes its way into my hull, though I have a skirt, through the process of getting in and out.

All in all, I am happy with my purchases, and I cannot wait to take this new stuff out and give it a try.

Remember: looking on craigslist can be very rewarding!


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ann Arbor Rager!

Yesterday we had a real bomber of a storm; thunder, lightning, rain and extreme winds.

Via bike I went into town today and several times I had to maneuver over fallen trees in the path. I sure hope that they get cleaned up soon.

Here is a quick video that I shot of what it was like here early evening:

Watch for brilliant lightning around 40 seconds in as well the force being unleashed on the tree from the wind.



Saturday, September 3, 2011

Just over the next hill...

We seem to always be asking, "what is over the next hill?" This may be an example of our curiosity or our anxiety of future things which we are looking forward to or are unsure of.

I think that there is a lot to be said for always striving to make it just over the next hill. Doing so pushes you to always be forward looking and trying to get more out of life.

If what you find over that next hill doesn't suit your fancy you can always turn around and enjoy your towering view of the low ground that you have passed on your journey.

So go on, strive to make it just over the next hill, and if it doesn't kill you then you should probably try to make it just over the next hill, and the next.


Friday, September 2, 2011


I captured this dainty creature yesterday on a bike ride into Ann Arbor. Wish I had time to learn more about them since there seem to be many different species of them.