Friday, February 15, 2013

Human Hot Pocket

I have been slacking in the reading department. But my increased gym time is allowing me time to catch up a bit.

While reading the Survival Edition of Backpacker I came across one of my greatest fears; the possibility of becoming a human hot pocket. For years I have thanked the powers that be every time I wake up in the morning in my sleeping bag intact.

I am talking about a situation like this: you are sleeping in the deepest slumber, fresh air is filling your lungs, the stress of the workweek drifts out your tent vents in a gentle night breeze. All of the sudden you snap out of your dreamworld to a musky smell and some grunting. This is a situation that I call the human hot pocket because that is essentially what become to a hungry bear looking to fix his midnight case of the munchies.

According to Backpacker, in the event that this happens to you you should thrash around to alert your camping partners and start fighting back... good luck.

Make sure your smelly stuff is in proper storage containers, watch for scat and if you are really afraid, put some raw meat in your friend's tent just in case... unless it's my tent.


(This is not a bear, but it has the potential to be equally terrifying)

Poor little guy

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Off-season reading

Make sure that you are all taking time to bone up on and hone in your skills in order to stay safe during the warmer months.

I personally prefer mushroom and other wild edibles books.

In my eyes, the next best thing to actually being outside and enjoying nature is kicking back and reading a good book. I am currently in the middle of the Nick Adams Stories by Hemingway; great stories that are largely based in northern Michigan.

What are you reading?


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Winter Commute

Monday brought a few new inches of snow. Luckily for me, I had to go out and about on my bike. I am currently running some skinny tires but that did not stop me from having fun. In fact it lead to a couple of loose corners which I rather enjoy.

Work with what you have right?


EMS Ice Climbing guide.

Thank you EMS for this handy guide.

Hopefully someday I will get to try some ice climbing and this guide will be of some use. Until then.


Baiku 1

The sound of dirt roads
Farmer's fields line the roadway
Morning done just right

Well, there you have it baiku number 1. Baiku you say? What is that? Well, I'll tell you, it's a bike-themed haiku. 5-7-5. Hopefully I can come up with more as things roll on. Sometimes rolling around on two wheels can make you feel brilliant.