Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Shots of the "Up North" trip

This year we got to go home for the 4th of July. Check out the week in pics:

Someday, this will be a daily deal.

Chelsea Marie heading north, out of Pierport.

Sure you could golf Arcadia Bluffs for a bunch of money, or you could get a much better view of them from the boat for free!

Trip home essential: Big Al's Stromboli! Adventure food!

Great way to end a day.

Must get back soon.


Checking out a new trail

Last night I met up with a guy to purchase a Thule roof rack system. We chose the Maybury State Park to make the exchange. 

After helping me install it he invited me to check out the trail with his riding group. Of course I accepted, I'm not gonna drive to a trail and not give it a spin. It was a decent trail for sure. Some of the climbs were a little loose as we have not had rain in a while. 

Overall: 5 mile loop, rewarding amount of flow, more man made obstacles than I am used to, loads of hard-packed straightaways to build speed. Would definitely go back.

Here is a short video overview of the trail from youtube. (I would have put one together had I been alone, and if I had a GoPro (or something similar.))