Sunday, December 12, 2010

12/12 Snowday Extravaganza!

Good blustery afternoon one and all. We have had quite the Sunday-Funday so far!

It started around 6 this morning. I awoke and cracked my copy of The Living Great Lakes. I am only 20 some pages in, but I can tell that this is going to be my kind of book. I like knowing all of the towns and places mentioned in the book, makes me feel at home.

Upon looking outside I noticed that we had received quite a bit of snow overnight, much to my excitement.

Chelsea and I suited up, and headed out for a quick grocery trip. Being out early is a definite advantage when living in the city. Though you have to brave the roads without plows you do get to experience stores without the dirty midday hordes, and believe me, beating the crowds around here is a must.

When we returned with our batch of groceries and made a great lunch-fest!
Delightful Cheese Panini's 



Lunch-fest was filling indeed. With our bellies full we settled in for an afternoon film, which you ask?
The Office Overtime! It is a collection of shorts from the group at the Office! Pretty good, especially the music videos!

After the Office we were enticed by the continually falling snow. Something about the first big one. We chose Parker Mill Park, it is close and not usually too busy. Follow the link and you will see the park in the summer time. Parker Mill has many great trails and viewpoints of the Huron River.

It is equally pretty in the winter:

Part of the original Parker Settlement.

We did not get to get too far down the trails, but getting out only a little is much better than not getting out at all hey! It was a nice brisk walk in blowing sleet conditions.

Calvin was waiting for us when we returned home. I assumed by his greeting that he wanted to check out this snow stuff, so:

Needless to say he was not too excited. Sorry for the misreading of your thoughts Calvin :)

Now it is time for an oven pizza and Sherlock Holmes!

Hope you are enjoying this massive storm. Stay warm and safe,


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Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Great day! I never explored Parker Mill very much. Actually I didn't know it had trails. Maybe it didn't when I was there.