Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer semester is ending, posts are slow, but never fear!

I have a three week break coming up!

You know what that means: hiking, kayaking, swimming, camping, slacking and time off for adventures of all sorts!

What will I be doing on this little vacation? Everything that I can.

I have a camping/ kayaking trip in the makings, slack practice, seeing water, relaxing (if I can learn by then) and possibly some biking and or turning the old schwinn into a single speed.

Until then I will be posting sparse and short posts letting you all know about the small adventures in my life, but when the exams are over things will heat up for sure!

As a quick update: I am still doing the Clif2mile challenge. I am a little over 230 miles right now, and I am listed as being in the top 200 riders across the country in the challenge! Biking all over has renewed the want to be fit within me. So baby steps back to fitness.

Have been reading some Allen Ginsberg poems lately; mostly decent.

Banana trees are doing swell.

Massive pile of study sheets are to my left... daunting.

Time to extinguish a few more of them.

Someday boy, someday you will be free, when the time comes oh how you will love it.


1 comment:

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I think by the time you are free, you will hardly be a "boy" but hang on to the joy.