Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bear Grylls Survival Series Fixed Blade Knife

Have you ever found yourself alone in the woods, far from the comforts of modern society? If you have you will wish that you had the Bear Grylls Survival Series Fixed Blade knife from Gerber.

This knife is an all in one survival machine, much like Bear himself.

It has a 4.8 inch fixed blade made from high carbon stainless steel.

The sheath is a masterpiece by itself with a built-in sharpener and waterproof holder for the included flint stick.        

A personal favorite about this knife is its ability to become a sturdy spear. The holes in the handle are strategically placed to allow it to be securely fastened to any sort of shaft. Though I have never found myself in any situation where I would need a spear, it is nice to know that I have the means if and when that day comes right?

One piece that has come in handy is the steel butt at the end of the handle. It is textured and fashioned to act like a hammer. Great idea, it works especially well because the handle is rubberized and provides perfect grip. You probably could not hammer a nail into a 2x4 with it, but it sure beats using a rock!

Bottom Line: Great knife, solid features, built by a trusted company, made in America.

I would pick one up if I were you. It would be a shame to be caught in a survival situation without such a tool.



Adam Deal said...

man i should've gotten that one, i bought the bigger folding knife from this series this summer. its nice but that fixed blade with the sharpener, fire starter, and sheath is sick

miadventure said...

I really like it, the folder is cool too, takes up less space. You should talk to Santa!