Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First Ride at Tree Farm- Novi

I have been mountain biking for less than a year so I cannot say that I am wholly verse on what makes a great trail. Honestly, I have been riding the same few local trails as religiously as I can (2 or 3 single-track days per week) so I my preferences are not fully honed or matured. However, if it "feels right" I can tell.

Someone is going to have some fun!

With hopes of expanding my horizons of trails I headed to Tree Farm in Novi. I have heard quite a few things about this trail so I was very excited to spin it. I don't want to write too much on Tree Farm as I have only ridden it once and I am still developing my preferences. But what I would like to say at this time is that I had a great time while checking it out last night. The trail was full of skinnies and other man-made obstacles. I have not really encountered such trail features before so it was cool to finally try my hand at them.

My friend told me that Tree Farm would really help me work on cornering. After riding it I can say that he was spot on with that. The only kind of turns that Tree Farm does not have are berms, I mean there are some built up corners but nothing to really get loose on. Berms aside, this trail is full of turns, and I do feel a little more in-tune with my bike an abilities after the ride.

Finally near the end of the trail there is a pump track; something that has been on my list since I first found out about them. I felt pretty solid ricing the pump track, but honestly have a long way to go. I made the circuit once, maybe twice without pedaling, but it was super slow and not extraordinary by any account. I guess I will just have to go back to Novi and give it another shot. Today my legs are a little sore, and I am sure that it is from the pump track.

Pump Tracking

I look forward to another ride up there. However, I really want to get back to Murray Lake and Torn shirt possibly by the end of the week.


Joshua said...

If you are ever in West Michigan, you should check out Yankee Springs and Fort Custer. Yankee Springs has a little better flow for most of it, letting you pick up some speed. Fort Custer has a few more technical man-made obstacles. Overall, they are both fun trails, but still not too difficult.

Also, if you ever make your way to Indiana, Brown County has some of the best trails in the midwest

John Yonkers said...

Josh, thanks for checking the blog out. I did my undergrad at Ferris State so a lot of my friends biked at yankee springs, and hungerford lake. While I have never tried them out they are definitely on my list. Around the 4th of July I went up to Arcadia and while I only did half of the trail I would highly suggest it. It is hikeable as well. And if you have the time you can cross M22 and hike the trail to Old Baldy: that hike is well worth your time!

PS I checked yours out as well. Congrats on the baby! Please check back from time to time.


Sharkbytes said...

I don't know anything about that kind of riding! Those captchas are awful- takes several tries to leave a comment.

John Yonkers said...

Hey there Sharkbytes, is there a way to fix that? I am not so worried about spammers as I used to be and would really like to get rid of that stuff.