Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ending 2012

Twenty-twelve was pretty jam-packed, so much so that this blog was mildly neglected. I was constantly running and trying to get as much out of each day as possible.

I built up a new mountain bike and a new commuter/ dirt road warrior, started brewing beer, survived another year of law school and built a rockwall.

Unfortunately, I did not get very many hikes in. Aside from the trip to Kentucky I think that I got 9 or 10 real hikes in. With that in mind I was determined to finish 2012 strong. That meant a trip to Old Baldy. 

In the spring I am going to bring my tripod out here to get a crisp shot of the dunes leading up to Elberta because none of my shots turned out satisfactorily.

Even though the picture quality is not perfect, the subject matter is second to none.

Osprey Daylite: C's new quick pack. Hopefully she gets to use it more in 2013!

As for goals in the new year, mine is very simple: More Everything, and make the most of everything.

Today: workout, juice, mountain bike, read for school... nap?


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Sharkbytes said...

Beautiful place! How do you access Old Baldy?