Sunday, May 17, 2015

I've found my human nature

When I was a Troll I regularly peeped Aaron Peterson's social media outlets. He does most of the Marquette area tourism work. His work also regularly makes its way into many of the magazines that find their way onto my coffee table. (

Seeing the UP through his lens pacified my desire for the serenity and adventure that is found up here. His newest piece, an ode to John Voelker's Testament of a Fisherman, is called "Testify." Testify brings all of the feels to me. I have watched it over and over since it came out in late April. It brings me to the water no matter where I am. Watching Testify will no doubt bring the delightfully musty smell of a riverbank and the smell of "Off" and sweat to mind. Peterson totally nails it.



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