Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What a nice day

I had the day off today so after some much needed cleaning of the apartment I snuck away for some casting. Though I did not catch anything the bike ride to the Huron River and the curious minnows that followed my lures was enough to satisfy me for a while.

The view from my first casting spot.

Trusty bike and the Ugly Stick.

A week ago we traveled south to Dundee for the afternoon to visit the local Cabela's. It is a remarkable store, and I encourage all outdoor enthusiasts to make a pilgrimage to the holy land, however, take warning; the weekend at Cabela's could be compared to a trip to the state fair... There were so many unique spectacles of humanoids present that I had to take routine breathers. Clad from head to toe in camo and hunter's orange, they belted out phrases including, "get'r dun!" and, "ahh bee damned if they don't."

Aside from the patrons the store has many great displays of animals for your viewing pleasure!


Please share your Cabela's stories!


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