Wednesday, August 25, 2010

RSOC Featured Athlete Profile: Cassidy Butler

Lake Michigan looks relatively calm, little did it know that Cassidy Butler would be tearing it a new one during the Ludington Lighthouse Triathlon.

Cassidy Butler won first place in his age group this past sunday at the Ludington Lighthouse Triathlon. I recently had a chance to conduct a quick FB interview with the 16-19 yr old champ. It was a true pleasure.

Straight ripped


-First off, first in your age group, how did you feel when you saw your time and got the results?
I would first like to start off by thanking Random Streams of Conciseness for the nomination. I had a rough idea that my time was around 1:35 and was extremely happy with the time since it was my first. Then when they started listing off the times for other “placers” in the 16-19 age group I was at the topped and definitely super pumped!

-What event do you shine in, or what is your strongest event?
My strongest event was definitely the bike section. I have been biking the longest and hit a Max speed of 41.2 MPH during this section and held an average just under 18 MPH with a 15 mile an hour wind in my face for the majority of the race. 

Biking fiend, definitely not the daily trek to class!

Ok, now it's time for the list:

1. What were your motivations for the tri?
Well when I was a young child I remember seeing the Ironman World Championship on TV and saying to myself I am going to do that one-day. Then a few years ago I got into cycling and the flame was rekindled.

2. What gear did you use in the tri, and while training?
Here’s the list:

• Swim
o Speedo Vanquisher Goggles
o Epix Muscle Suit
o Swim Cap they provided

• Bike
o Schwinn Tourist Road Bike
o Nike LunarGlide + 
o Bell Solar Helmet
o Alpha Hillcrusher Triathlon Cyclist Sunglasses
o Amphipod Racebelt
o Bell Wireless Computer
o Epix Muscle Suit (see HOT photo above)

• Run
o Nike LunarGlide + 
o Alpha Hillcrusher Triathlon Cyclist Sunglasses
o Amphipod Racebelt
o Epix Muscle Suit

3. Explain your workout routine pre-tri?
My pre-tri workouts were pretty simple. Monday through Saturday I would do a combination of two of the three events or one of the events and hit the weights. About two weeks before the Tri I started doing brick workouts. Where I would swim a fraction of the event and then jump right on my bike and bike that same fraction, or I would go from biking to running. It got my body used to switching from event to event. 

4. Do you take any supplements?
No I did not take any supplements during from my training. But during the Tri I did take a 5-Hour Energy for the caffeine and then had a Gatorade Prime 15 Minutes before the Tri started and another one halfway through the bike ride.

5. Did you have a tri playlist? If so, what was on it?
I could not listen to music for the tri until the run but decided against that. But when I was training and while I was waiting for the tri to begin I did have a playlist. It consisted of a lot of hard rock and some rap. A few of the major artist/group are Black Label Society, Eminem, and Artreyu.

6. Any plans for upcoming tri's?
I do not have anymore planned for this year. But next year I would like to get as many as I can in. This first one was a real wake up call for me and made me realize that I have quite a bit to work on, mainly the swimming portion. 

7. Snake-skin or leather apparel?
Snake-skin for everyday use, I only break out the leather for Weddings and Birthday parties. 

8. Hobbies outside of fitness?
Going to the beach, Golfing, Deskball, and Disc Golf.

9. What other interests do you hold?
I am big into music right now and like hitting up the Golf Course as much as possible.

10. Read any good books lately?
Got Fight? By Forrest Griffen, a good book on how to be a mans man by a former UFC Light-Heavy Weight Champion

Butler finishes strong in his Epixgear tri suit.

Relax kid, it's over.

Cassidy is quite the champion himself, RSOC is proud to be able to tell the world about this up and coming athlete. Look for him at your next Tri or 5k, you will probably be behind him, get used to it.


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Ash, The Movie Geek said...

We just had a one here in Port Huron too.
My dad always volunteers, which to me is strange, because I think he could actually be in it.