Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bandemer Park Disc Golf

You know that I love hiking, biking, kayaking and basically anything that has even the slightest hint of being outdoor oriented.

The view from the beginner's tee on hole 1

Well, with the hope of expanding my scope of outdoor activity I picked up a beginner's set of disc golf discs. This sport has always intrigued me, I just have never been able to find the time. I thought that it was the kind of thing that you had to devote a whole day to, and that seemed like a large barrier to entry as a beginner.

Not so though. For whatever reason I got these discs and went out to a local spot on Friday morning: Bandemer Park.

Friday morning was crisp and clear; a perfect lead-in to Fall in my opinion. So, out I go, poised to attack this new activity.

The whole course is surrounded by a walking path.

Each fairway is covered with wood-chips and appears kept-up.

Between holes players are treated to pleasant trails.

This course, being my first, did not seem too challenging. However, I stuck to the beginner's tees. I did play the 8th from the middle tee with decent results.

I will return from time to time as my schedule allows.

Though the course was strewn with litter; beer bottles, Gatorade containers, cigarette butts, and chip bags, and a fair amount of graffiti, it provided me with a nice break from the brick and mortar, the green-yellow-red and the noise. Nestled almost under the freeway you feel like you are miles out of the town, a comforting feeling for me.

Disc golf, who knew I would like this stuff!

Here is the set that I have: They seem to work pretty well.

Super cool hole: you have to zip the disc through that branch!

An odd disc golf retreat?

Teeing off on the 7th.

My first attempt from a mid-length tee. It was cool throwing downward.

Give it a try, not too much to invest and it gets you out of the house and walking around!



Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Interesting. They were just making Bandemer Park nice when I was there. Disc Golf is big stuff here, you know. And they just put in a new course at Udell Rollways.

Caryn said...

Sounds fun!! I would love to try this out, and the course looks beautiful.

miadventure said...

It is a lot of fun. I hope the weather allows me a trip out there this week.