Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Trickity Trick Dog Cafe

Have you ever found yourself in search of just the right piece of eclectic art or décor to complete your look, or possibly to serve as the perfect gift for that lover of contemporary art on your list? If you have, then you should drop what you are doing and take a day trip to Elberta, a village that is sandwiched between the curves of M22 and the endless expanse of Lake Michigan and serves as the home-base to Trick Dog Gallery.

Trick Dog houses the art work of Greg Jaris. Jaris is a Northern Michigan artist whose artwork has a uniquely Northern Michigan summertime feel. He depicts people enjoying sunshine, wine, various animals and a host of differing dog characters. The art is playful, fun, amusing and very much original. I can guarantee that you will not find anything like it.

While the artwork inside the building is great, if you step back you will see that the building itself is a true work of

During your walk from the parking lot to the entrance you are greeted by giant statues, a fence with a mind of its own and finally a beautiful mosaic mural at the store’s entrance.

While at the gallery make sure you take the time to
appreciate each and every detail. The unique furniture on the patio was constructed by Jaris, proving that he is an artist
of function and design. Every aspect of the building has the touch of an artist from the great mosaic mural down to the
concrete where Jaris stamped in varying patterns and imprints.

Trick Dog always serves as a great way to energize my creative side.

I recommend sipping the house espresso on the patio while taking in the views of Betsie Bay.


Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Wow- I have not even thought of Elberta for years! Sounds like a fun gallery.

MorganBrittney said...

Great review! Love The Trick Dog. Home sweet home :)

miadventure said...

Thank you very much, I sure like it!