Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Holland Brewing: Ichabod

Chilly Autumn evenings call for bonfires, good stories and appropriate beer.

I'm talking about some pumpkin ale, rich, spicy pumpkin ale, make it from Michigan.

New Holland's Ichabod is the perfect companion for a cool Autumn night.

Rich amber color in the glass with a decent head that hung around for a bit.

The first distinguishable thing with this pumpkin ale is that it seems to fill your mouth while holding a syrupy consistency. Through the thick feel you get hit with a mellow malts and definite spices: nutmeg being the most prevalent. Once you taste the nutmeg hold on because the pumpkin will soon follow. Though the pumpkin flavor is mild and mellow it is there, and quite easily discernible.

Ichabod finishes a bit acidic with coppery hints that sort of cleanse your pallet for another drink.

I find it enjoyable and quite easy to drink, though one per session might be enough so that the acid doesn't get to you.


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