Sunday, October 30, 2011

Many New Things

Last week, my much awaited Columbia Bugagloves arrived. Right now the weather is not cold enough to justify turning on the battery pack. But as the nightly lows continue a downward pattern my excitement is growing.

Expect a full-fledged review soon after the first snow; oh heck, if the weather gets cold enough and I have some spare time I should probably do an overview of the features before then. 

The day after those got here I was getting some pictures of the local Moosejaw when I found a pair of FiveFingers that were at such a good price that it was ridiculous not to pic them up. Wore them three days this week. When you have them on things come at you in a different way. For example; the first day wearing them it rained. Upon my arrival at school, I had to make a conscious effort not to step in the deep muddy spots where my Keen shoes would keep me dry. I feel a little more grounded in them, my feet get a chance to stretch under my weight and exercise muscles that are usually aided by the confines of the modern shoe.

Still doing daily workouts on the Metolious Rock Rings. I think that I may make a trip to the climbing gym before my finals, just to see how it is. I will surely have the strength; hopefully the skill comes right along.

I also have found a new interest in mountain biking and am working on acquiring a decent bike. I have a friend that is lending me a bike until I get a set of wheels of my own. 

Working on some pieces for the Grand Traverse Mountain Bike Association, The Awesome Mitten and Very excited to be working with all of these people!

Putting together a story about Sleeping Bear Dunes in the late fall. Would you like a preview pic? Ok:

Time to get on that pile of books that needs to be read.

Enjoy what looks like it will be a beautiful day!


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