Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Windward Shore

Today I finally found the time to begin the journey found between the covers of Jerry Dennis' new book The Windward Shore.

I refuse to make any premature assessments, however, after making my way through the introduction I have already come face to face with the kind of passion, reverence and love for the Great Lakes Region that I have come to expect from Mr. Dennis.

If you have not already done so, please take the time to check out The Living Great Lakes and or The River Home, both are personal favorites of mine.

I hope to soon have a review of The Windward Shore, as well as some of his other works.

Recently I finished 127 Hours; the story about Aron Ralston's self-amputation of his right hand while stuck in a slot canyon, and Blind Descent; regarding two team's quest to find the deepest super-cave on the planet.

If time affords it I would also like to write a short piece on each of those.

In the meantime, check out bookstores or your local library to catch up on other books by Jerry Dennis.


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Adam said...

let me know how it goes, man. now that I've had some time I've been able to read a couple books and I've got some more in line. I wrote a couple short reviews on the last two i read, let me know what you think.