Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winter Commute

I have made the choice to attempt commuting by bike today. So far we only have about an inch on the ground. I have properly decreased the pressure in my tires, laid out suitable clothes and taken proper precautions for my school stuff.

Wish me luck. I will upload some shots from the ride tonight!

Enjoy the snow all.



Justin said...

Good choice! I actually commute by bike every day both to work and school. Haven't missed a day since August! However, I'll admit that I cheat a bit; I replaced the front hub of my mountain bike with a motor... I still pedal about half of the time for fun, but the motor really helps when I encounter 1-2 foot drifts across the bike paths... Good luck out there today; it's a crazy cold and blustery day here on Michigan's west coast. Good job choosing the more adventurous mode of transportation!

miadventure said...

Thanks Justin, I love biking to class, though I do not have any bike paths on my route, so that is a little bummer.

But I made it safely to school today. No real issues, save for getting salt on stuff. Oh well. I needed to re-lube stuff anyway.

Thank god that I don't have an expensive commuter.

I biked to class the entire fall term. There is nothing quite like getting places under your own power, right?

Thanks for checking out the blog. Yours looks great as well!

Sharkbytes said...

Should be interesting. I think the hardest part is keeping hands and toes warm.