Saturday, March 10, 2012


School has become more hectic, and I have been spending much more time outdoors lately so I have not been as diligent writing as I have been in the past.

Spring is slowly moving into the area and the smell of thawing soil abounds.

This time of year is usually not my favorite, but after that poor excuse of a winter I welcome the ability to actually have a season that does as it is supposed to.

On another note, I made my weekly trip to the REI Garage Sale yesterday and scored MAJOR!

New Smartwool socks; AND

A sweet JetBoil mug and canister stand for super cheap!

You've gotta love hitting it big on their garage sale!

Happy Saturday, go do something!



Sharkbytes said...

Nice finds- I don't have much reason to buy new gear any more. I did find a new little nature trail near Onekama though. Stay tuned.

John Yonkers said...

Ooooh Great, I look forward to hearing about this little trail.

More-Michigan said...

Have you used the jet boil yet? It would be interesting to hear how it goes. I have been eyeing one of those. You should do a gear review on it!

John Yonkers said...

I have used a JetBoil before, but not this one. I will be using it without the proprietary JetBoil burner, but I have heard that it works just as well without it.

Two camping trips coming up, an overnight with kayaks, and one out to Nordhouse Dunes.

Definitely look for a review!