Friday, April 20, 2012

It is official, well many things are official as of now. The first being that this is officially the longest period of times between successive blogs. (Totally sorry dudes.) Secondly, it is official that I am halfway done with law school. Thirdly, it is official that I have an internship with a law firm for the Summer. (I am very lucky and excited for the opportunity) Finally, it is official that rockwall construction is underway.

Regarding the latter, I have most of the cuts complete and once I pick up two more 9' boards the diagonal braces will be set. From there the rest should come together relatively quickly, as time allows that is. I am optimistic.

So what is it that kept me away from this thing for so long? Well, a number of things actually. School and final exams being the biggest. However, I still reserved a bit of time each week to do some me things. Usually that would involve blogging, but I chose to mountain bike instead. It is really growing on me. My bike still needs a few pieces to make it acceptable, but I will keep riding it as is until $$$ flows in to make the adjustments.

I have a load of reviews that need to be finished, edited and posted, but my time is getting kind of precious and I am trying to spend more of it doing things and not playing on the web. I have also been reading more. Not only do I have a pillar of outdoor themed books but my magazine subscriptions have been gathering in mogul sized heaps around the office. I do have a question for those who enjoy working with plants/ conservation/ green living: have you ever checked out Urban Farm Magazine? Since I like in the world of the urban right now I feel like a subscription may help me retain my sanity.

 Things will fall into rhythm and balance once school starts again. Only when I have the pressures of deadlines and commitment to others do I respect how precious my "me" time is.

Speaking of, it is time for me to get some stuff done. Due to my recent busy-ness many of my things have fallen by the wayside and need tending to. I hope you all have great weekends. Expect to hear from me soon.


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Sharkbytes said...

Enjoy the outdoors when you can. Just starting a law career can't leave you much free time. I'm going camping next week!