Sunday, May 13, 2012

Just say no to gas station coffee! (JetBoil Coffee Press Review)

I have lived the following scenario a thousand times, and if you are a hiker/ nature lover/ outdoorsperson I am sure that you are familiar as well:

You get up, grab your prepacked day bag and get out of the house with little time to spare. You are on a mission; you want to see the sun rise from your favorite trail or secret location. Due to last night's antics you find yourself desperately in need of some fast fuel. You are now at the gas station crossroads: fizzy "energy supplement" or mass-made piss-poor drip-coffee? Beside the fact that stopping at the gas station will steal time from your morning excursion your choices at this point are less than appealing. Either choice is bound to leave you feeling unsatisfied and will most likely wreak havoc on your insides. You make the choice, and grudgingly sip it all the way to the trailhead. You zip to your sunrise spot, watch it, and then head straight home because something in your stomach beckons to be released in some shape or any and all means.

Like I said, this has happened to me on numerous occasions. However, I am happy to say that this will no longer be the case as I have found the answer. Yes my friends, there is a savior, and it comes in the form of the JetBoil Coffee Press. 

The unit is very simple. It works just like a regular press: bring the water to a boil in your JetBoil, take it off the pack-stove, add your preferred grounds, put the press on, steep for 3 to 5 minutes, press, pour and enjoy the sunrise the way it was supposed to be enjoyed.

When you are done using it you can just disassemble and store it in the JetBoil for the return trip. However, don't be surprised if the coffee on the trail doesn't wake that adventurous spirit that was slumbering due to poor gas station coffees. You may find that your little hike will turn into a day full of bounding and hiking across the countryside. 

It is amazing what the proper fuel and mindset can do for you.


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Sharkbytes said...

Nice try, but I'd have to be more motivated to fix fancy coffee on the trail.