Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cat-Eye Wireless Bike Computer

For our anniversary last year Chelsea got me a Cat-Eye Wireless bike computer that for some reason has been sitting on my shop shelf for nearly a year. I think that in my mind this was going to be a much bigger project than it actually was. I had visions of programming and measuring for hours on end only to have a skewed result.
That was not the case. I slapped the wireless transmitter arm on and screwed the magnet onto a spoke in about a minute. I then zip-tied the base mount and programmed my wheel size in about 2 minutes. All in all I had it installed, "programmed," and rolling in ten minutes max.

So far so good. Will report more as I go.

Enjoy the shots:


Sharkbytes said...

Om has one. He likes it.

John Yonkers said...

Yeah, I can see it getting me into trouble as it keeps your highest rate of speed saved. I keep trying to push myself past the old record!