Friday, September 7, 2012

I am obsessed with Fatties...

Let's be real, I have a pretty decent cross-country mountain bike set up right now but I am always looking for more.

It's great for what I do and could use a few tweaks here and there. But there is a style of bike that has been climbing in my list of lusts: the affectionately named fat tire bike.

(Image from

Beside the fact that they just look badass, they can go almost anywhere that a normal cross-country bike can go and further. They float over beach sand without leaving deep ruts and taking extra effort and also handle superbly in snowy conditions. You see, Michigan has both of those things, all the more reason for me to get one.

As if that were not enough, most of them come with enough braze-ons to carry everything in my apartment; thus appealing to my affinity for packs, racks and bags, as well as opening a whole new realm of possibilities for shoreline touring and camping.

For now, I have to dream, save my pennies, and scour the used forums!



Sharkbytes said...

funny bike! Cool options, though.

John Yonkers said...

I know, something about their oddness really draws me to them. That and the possibility of carrying all of that gear to camp.