Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Early Fall Murray Lake Ride

Last Sunday I met Hunter and Spence at Murray Lake for a late afternoon bike ride. We started out on the Torn Shirt loop which I think is a great way to warm up. It really forces you to push yourself for the first 2.5 miles  and when you get to that point your body is loose and warmed up for the rest of the ride.

As a result from our recent fall drizzle the trails were well-packed and fast. The leaves have started to really fall and incidentally add variable to some of the corners. They did not play such a big role in either of these loops, however, the local loop in Ann Arbor is very much different as a result of their falling and early stages of deterioration.

Here is a quick vid of Hunter and Spence playing around on a root gap.

As the sun started its descent the air chilled and the distinct smell of a woodstove heating a house was very noticeable.

When I got home I had some Short's Autumn Ale, an "extra spice bitter ale" it proclaims. I think it was a perfect garnish for such a ride.


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Sharkbytes said...

I've learned I like to ride off road, but I'm not a technical rider. Too old!