Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sloppy Dirt Road Ride

Last weekend I took to the dirt roads around my apartment complex to get some fresh air and burn some calories. It was my first time taking the Novara on nasty roads. However, I felt the need to give it a go as I recently picked up a set of fenders from the garage sale at REI.

Seeing as the fenders ended up with mud on both the inside and out I am glad that I chose to wait until the bike had fenders before taking it on a muddy road. That being said, the fenders kept me, the bike and my panniers clean and dry. I was quite surprised by the amount of mud that the tires picked up as they are very mild with little to no tread.

One of the best things about dirt roads is the lack of traffic. Even if you are only a few miles out of Ann Arbor you can feel like you are worlds away.


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