Sunday, December 23, 2012

Winter Comes to Bear Creek

Bear Creek runs through the Spirit of the Woods Club just outside Brethren, Michigan. The sign on the road does not do justice to the beautiful network of trails and natural surroundings around the preserve. It has always been a favorite place of mine, especially in the winter.

Everything looks so peaceful after a fresh snow. I wish that I had the luxury of resting during the winter months. Sometimes I think that man has strayed too far from his natural origins. Some animals hibernate, plants allow certain parts to die off while they take a break from producing, and there is a general feeling of preservation among all things living.

The heavy, wet snow clings to everything.

All in all winter is a very introspective time for the natural world. It's too bad that humans do not get a chance to have a season of self inspection and consideration. 

Perhaps one day when I am outside of the bustling world I will be afforded the ability to take the winter off to live like an animal. I will hole up and think about spring and the things I will do when the sun comes back to breath new life into the world.

When the sun returns I will greet it with renewed strength and greater focus, just like the plants and animals.


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