Saturday, May 4, 2013

Almost three months have come and gone

I am nearing the end of law school and it only makes sense that things will be getting a little crazy for me. That being said; I still try to take some time for me every once in a while. Case in point, last week I was given the opportunity to take a trip out to California. Thanks to Chelsea's mom, Jessica for the trip, it was much needed.

It was beautiful, warm and oddly enough, anaheim smells beautiful.

My final semester begins Monday morning for me. But it's not just a normal semester, it will be the first semester where I have a real job, with a real paycheck. I am pretty stoked. All in all things seem to be moving right along. I will be graduating in September, taking the Michigan bar exam in February and working full time in the interim.

My gosh, things are a true whirlwind right now; I have one semester to go, ...

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