Friday, December 6, 2013

Remembering a Hot Summer Afternoon

I've lived in Ann Arbor for just over three years. In that time I have made numerous trips to the closest section of the Huron River to to try my hand at catching whatever would bite. I was never impressed with the mutants that I was pulling out; rock bass with white eyes, all-black bluegills, and other varying offerings that I refer to only as "panfish." Due to the many dams on the Huron I regarded it as a few long, slow-moving, oligotrophic lakes strung together that could only support halfbreeds and muttfish.

But this summer I found out that people catch some sizable carp on the Huron. The sub/ counterculture of carp fishermen deserves a post of its own. Pictures of people landing 10 lbs + carp not far from where I live got me super stoked. I picked up appropriate tackle, but the season's best time coincided with my last set of law school finals. Needless to say, my dreams of horsing in copper-colored softmouths yielded to the necessity of my school duties.

Fast forward a few weeks: I'm done with law school for good (graduation in a week and a half). Now, barring preparation for the Bar Exam (honestly, not a pun) my free time is truly free time. Today I put some of my free time to good use: I gave the Huron another shot.

I'm very glad that I made a serious effort to find a fishable portion of the Huron. It will give me one more resource to call on when I need a reprieve. We caught many Bluegill, a few smallmouths and quite a few decent-size rock bass. There were no trophy fish willing to suck up our flies but they were out there, in the water... and that will keep me coming back.

You get that Chernobyl Hopper little man!

Carp carp everywhere and me with my little 6 wt. Next time.

Hunter with his prize of the day.



Sharkbytes said...

But what can you do with carp? They don't taste good do they?

Joshua said...

Congrats on finishing Law School. Nice to see you back on the blog. Good luck with Bar Exam. If it is anything like the CPA exam, you should do fine as long as you put in the time to studying.

John Yonkers said...

Sharkbytes, the my only plans for carp consist of a minor inconvenience in their daily plans. I am quite strictly a catch and release fisherman.

Joshua, thank you for the words of confidence. I look forward to more blogging following the bar exam. I am planning a couple day trip out to the Nordhouse dune area in march.