Friday, March 27, 2015

Sunday Steel

The sun is out; it looks unseasonably warm but you put on extra insulation just in case. 

Public Radio pundits provide a thoughtful soundtrack for the trip. But you are somewhere else in your head. 

The parking lot has a few other vehicles; don't worry there's enough to go around. You pop the rear hatch and begin the ritual of putting on your waders and boots, rigging up the rod and taking an educated guess at the fly de jour should be.

The crusty snow crunches underfoot at you take the goat trail away from the cars. 

Bend one: two spawn dunkers. 

Bend two: fruitless after working a yarn egg and a nymph. 

Change it up: maybe there's a hungry, active fish in this place. Guides start to ice up: no one said that spring fishing was easy. 

Bend three: strip, breathe, strip, breath, strip, breathe. Chuck it back out. Strip, breathe, strip, breathe, stri-........ Give him some room to run........ Take you time..... Enjoy the fight; this is why you put the time in. 

Take pleasure knowing that you tricked the beautiful beast and honor him by letting him go. 


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