Thursday, April 21, 2011

Coffee at the Edge of the World: a quick break at Old Baldy

We have made the walk out to the old blown out dune known as Old Baldy several times however this week I opted to leave my walking shoes behind and take the two-wheeler.

The tight trail that leads out to Baldy provides technical terrain that suited my beginner biking needs. There are no long straightaways to gain speed, however the tight turns and downhill sections are a blast! There are even a few sections where I was able to get enough speed to get a little air.

Upon locking my bike up to a tree at the base of the steps I climbed to the entrance of the open space. Overlooking the sandy vastness I was instantly filled with joy.

The view from the northern portion of the dune offers you a great view of one of the Herring Lakes and also the Lake Michigan shore; awesome.

I took in the view to the north for a while and then hiked the west ridge to one of my favorite spots, the highest spot that you can reach in the dunes area.

The view from up here is just magnificent. I fired up the stove and began fixing myself a cup 'o joe. I cannot think of a better way to relax and just take things in than having a fresh cup of coffee.

Instant coffee, not the best, but it will do in a pinch.

I love a good coffee shop as much as the next guy, but you cannot beat this view, and the barrista is a pretty cool guy too.

Cafe John at the top of the world. I really wish that the land conservancy allowed camping in the dune area, this would be the coolest place to camp.

Remember to heed the rules of the trail!

The bike ride back to the car was just as great as the one out to the dune, I decided to take the longer path and it was a good choice on my part. The next time that I bike out there I will take that path both ways; great straight sections leading to tight curves and some nice rollers!

I cannot stress enough that you need to take the time to check Old Baldy out, by foot or by bike it is a great trip. Take your dog, he will love it, but keep him on his leash.


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Sharkbytes said...

What a great place for a wonderful simple cup of something hot. Who knew that we'd still be wanting that in the middle of the day at the end of April?