Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Soggy little walk

The seasons of Michigan are both unique and diverse. This spring we have seen a great example of this. This area has had a few days in the 60's followed by a weekend covered in snow. We have had bright days with temps in the single digits and mellow days which facilitate a lust for summer.

Today, however, the weather is the best that Michigan Springs have to offer: the temp is around 40, the air is humid, and a gentle, steady rain is falling just enough to keep most people hunkered down indoors.

These types of days are the best to take a walk in. At home one of my favorite places for a spring rain hike is the Spirit of the Woods Nature Area. The canopy of the trees keeps you sheltered while allowing you to hear the rain coming down.

Now that we are in Ann Arbor though, I have grown to favor the Parker Mill Park area which abuts the Huron River.

Today I had Chelsea drop me off at Gallup Park and began walking East toward Parker Mill.

As expected, the trail was empty, most people are either at work or just didn't find merit in venturing out in such weather.

While I originally thought that such a walk would be a poor choice as I should be studying for finals, I remembered that I have hours and hours of audio podcasts and audio files focusing on the main topics covered in my courses; no brainer! Enjoying the outdoors while learning about Contracts? AWESOME!

The much needed break from studying and interaction with people provided to be the break that I needed.

Though I did not see any people on the walk I did run into my fair share of animals.

I guess that you could say that rainy days as this are truly fowl weather!

I guess it it easy to hangout in the rain when you have such sweet rain jackets as these feathered dudes have!



GumbyandPokey said...

We are hoping for more rain here, especially a Salamander Rain. We are wanting to hike in the rain at night! :)


Sharkbytes said...

I love a light rain, if it's not TOO cold. Thanks for the tour. Have you walked from Argo to Bandemer? That was my favorite (it was also close to where I lived- so was easy access)

You should stop in the Habe Mills Pine Lodge and meet Les Voyageurs. Tell them I sent you! (Joan Young- the current residents won't recognize "sharkbytes")

miadventure said...

Gumby, night hikes are great!

Sharkbytes, that trail is on my list for this summer. What is the Habe Mills Pine Lodge? I am curious.