Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tippy to White-Fence a Solo Trip Down the Big Manistee River

After a stressful semester I decided to take to the woods and connect with the life-force. My first trip of the week took place on the Big Manistee River. 

 It was a cold gray Monday morning when I was dropped off at Tippy Dam. After dodging the lines of combat fishermen standing no more than 8 feet apart from one another I was off. Once I rounded two more bends I saw three boats and then nothingness. It was great.

The water was high, cloudy and moving quickly, no doubt a result of the rains of the weekend. An hour into the trip I spotted a Bald Eagle, but could not maneuver my camera out of my pack with the numb digits. The mental picture is enough for me.

My view for the trip.

I ran into my fair share of these types throughout the trip. I even happened upon a few pairs. I think that they must be hatching out the little ones. When I was lunching on an island I noticed that over the hill there was a female sitting on a mound that I can only assume was her nest. In fact I would have stepped on her had it not been for her mate making me aware of their presence with his hissing.

I could not identify this duck while out there but they were a lot of them and they were pretty. I got buzzed by four of them at once, it was very cool.

Here is one of the mumma gooses sitting on her nest.

This was where I decided to lunch. It was the first time that I got to use my new Primus ultra-lite stove; it worked great. Nothing like some corn and baked beans when you have been on the water for a few hours.

Had the weather been a little more favorable I would have liked to sling my hammock up while my food digested, but there will be warm days to take advantage of in the future.



GumbyandPokey said...
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GumbyandPokey said...

I believe your bird is a common merganser. I saw your other post about Old Baldy as well. I have not hiked it, so thanks for giving directions. Maybe this spring when we head up for cherry blossoms!


miadventure said...

Did you need directions? I don't think that I gave any in the last post. It is about 1.5 miles north of Arcadia on M22. After you pass the scenic overlook it is about 1/4 mile ahead on the west side of the road. There is a little green sign and a dirt road. Thanks for reading!

GumbyandPokey said...

Haha! I guess you didn't. I just figured I could find it with the info you gave, but thanks for more detail. It is such a freeing feeling to be high on a dune or mountain at the edge of a Great Lake!