Monday, August 15, 2011

Back in Nor-Mich and loving it. Expect to see new posts from all the usual places and a few new ones 

Yesterday my friend Matt came for a visit so I had to show him my new favorite spot, Old Baldy. After the half-mile barefoot hike we descended the face of the dune. The thrill of rushing down the dune, bounding almost weightless and at tremendous speeds is somewhat overshadowed when you finally reach the bottom by the sudden realization that lingered in the back of your head the whole way down, "oh my God, look how high we have to climb."

Though the ascent was challenging it was not impossible and I urge any of you who make your way out to the end of the trail to make the extra effort to let your inner child out by barreling down the sandy chute.

On another note, while walking around at nearby river we saw a few salmon. Maybe this week I could hook into my first one!

Wish me luck.


(PS. Gosh it feels good to be done with this semester's classes)

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Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Not sure my knees would do a run down like that any more, but I remember how great it feels. Enjoy!