Sunday, August 28, 2011

A man, A plan, Some cans.

So this newly acquired fondness for two-wheelin' is a great way to experience Ann Arbor at a slower pace, and also to see things that are barely visible to the person whizzing by in their car.

What do I experience you might ask? Both the good and the bad really; I get to see small wildlife contemplating whether to bolt across the road, and the remnants left by careless people who feel the need to discard their garbage wherever they feel fit.

While in Ann Arbor I don't see too much regular trash, I have become increasingly aware of large amounts of pop and beer cans that are strewn along the road. This has prompted me to take a proactive step toward cleaning things up and also putting a small dent in my grocery bill.

This week I found this little gem on sale:

It is a waste receptacle, the kind that you put behind your car seat. It is perfect: waterproof lining, washable, secures nicely and have a magnetic closure mechanism.

I simply strap it like so to my bike:

It straps on over my Topeak just perfectly. So far in the past few days I have found a little over $3 worth of cans. I carry an extra shopping sack to store the excess cans in.

People of Ann Arbor: keep throwing bottles out of your window, and thank you for the free food!



Adam said...

awesome idea, man. i have found myself noticing the same thing but you took it to a whole new level. good work

miadventure said...

Thanks Adam. In the spring I hope to add another on the opposite side for small refuse. I just want to do my part. I hope that you do something similar.

I also like taking a walk on the beach with a paper sack. You will find it rewarding when you clean that stuff up.