Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Beech-Hemlock Nature Trail

Every so often you run into a true gem that is not too far from you daily travels.

Such is the case of the Beech-Hemlock Nature Trail.

Going North on Lakeshore Drive, just off the beaten path of 31, the main drag back home, you will happen on the quaint sign above. The trail is on the East side of the road just across from Orchard Beach State Park.

I only discovered this trail a year or so ago.

This path is around a mile or so, and takes about 30 minutes at its longest point. The trail is heavily wooded with beech, maple, hemlock and other various needle-ed species. It is a refreshing mix.

The crew that built and maintain this trail did a great job marking it with interesting placards and information boards. It would be a great area to take children to aid them in their outdoor upbringing. TAKE YOUR KIDS OUTSIDE AND TEACH THEM!

Growing up in Northern Michigan I am very accustomed to the small prairies that are nestled between the forest groves. Until recently I have not noticed how much I enjoy these subtle prairies, luckily on this little jaunt I was afforded views of several:

On the last leg of the hike we stumbled upon some mushrooms that I cannot identify. Maybe Mungo could lend me a hand on this one:

If you are in the Manistee area be sure to check this quick trail out.



Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Hey- one of my favorite hikes. Did you see the tulip tree?

miadventure said...

No, I did not see that. I have never heard of one actually. Your picture is great. Next time I will look for it.

Your get off the couch blog makes me want to hike the Big M. Is it any good now or should I wait to snowshoe it?

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

It makes for great hiking. They do keep it groomed for skiing, but snowshoers are welcome if they stay to the side of the groomed trail. If you want a challenge, shoe right up the hill behind the warming shelter to an overlook. Too steep for skiers, and a great view at the top. We only have a couple of inches of snow right now, but are supposed to get more this week.

miadventure said...

We won't be back in town until closer to Christmas, so I hope there is enough snow by that time!