Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Personalized Surprise

Since I had not been home in about two months I had a few things that had been dropped off by the mailman waiting in a big pile.

Mostly the usual; pre-approved credit cards, junk offers, magazine, newsletters and more junk.

However there was one large box chock-full-of-Racquetball gear! My E-Force order finally arrived! (I will tell you how I feel about the new stuff later)

There was also a smaller box, from my brother. It contained my birthday gift:
A beautiful Gerber pocket knife.

It is the Gerber Presto, and it features the FAST Blade assist technology. The blade flings open with little effort at all, a nice upgrade from my old flip-wrist model. The action is smooth and the size is just perfect to clip into a pocket without rendering the pocket useless.

A good pick by Zach I thought immediately upon opening the box; clean lines and styling made even more useful by the rubberized grips in the right places, This knife will stand the test of time that is for sure.

I am pleasantly surprised by all functional and aesthetics of the tool.

The blade is very sharp, and from what I have read elsewhere online, durable to match. From this side the knife looks great, but from the other side it is another story...

...From this side the Presto looks even better! Zach had my initials engraved! Very cool!

This is now my new daily knife. Look out anything that feels like getting in my way!

Great knife, great gift, definitely get it personalized, the receiver will love it.

Thank you Zach!


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