Thursday, November 18, 2010

I have been here, and I have been there...

In the past few days it seems like I have been everywhere, in Michigan that is.

After what seemed like forever in the darkness, the trip from Ann Arbor, we awoke and darted further North to Traverse City. I delightfully gloomy day indeed was in front of us as we dropped mother off at the MRI joint and moseyed downtown TC to find a drink.

We stopped at Espresso Bay, a locally owned and operated cafe where the staff was more than accommodating and friendly, the barista even offered to put ice in the tea and gave us tips on cooling it quickly. Delightful indeed.

After a quick stroll downtown we stopped for a quick photo-op at one of C. Bromley's favorites: The State Theater:

All in all, a great day, got a few Christmas presents picked out, picked up a new watch and a cover for my Kindle.

Enjoy this day,


In the next post look for a super cool Birthday present that my little brother got me! It will blow your mind!


Ash, The Movie Geek said...

Is it bad that I was looking past Chelsea to see what was playing or is that just expected? ;)

miadventure said...

haha no, I guess not