Saturday, November 6, 2010

What a grand day! + a lot of reading and learning to come

Today started with a great meal, prepared by me; cake and leftover pizza with coffee, it was just awesome.

After some cleaning Chels and I walked into town. We walked around, hit up the local Moosejaw for their anniversary sale, where unfortunately we didn't find anything!

After grabbing some coffee and a Peppermint Mocha we strolled over to Border's. I was originally going to get Ode, some publication regarding progressive ideas that I actually found to be mildly interesting.

With the mag in hand I took a trip upstairs to the nature and sports section. I hit the jackpot up there!

Found this awesome book! It tells, in-depth how the Great Lakes were formed, their evolution and future.

I am quite excited to start it. It should be a quick read. Expect periodic reviews within the coming weeks.

I found two other things at Border's that I have been looking for for a while now:
Essentials: Guides to Mushrooms and Edible Wild Plants!

These will come in handy in the coming spring and summer when I make my first attempt at foraging and possibly some bushcraft!

The trip was finished up with a trip to Arbor Brewing Co. (Review Coming soon) and a brisk walk to the car!

Forgot to tell you all, this beauty came in the mail the other day:

Score! Time to devour it, and see what I need to buy next.

Such a night for blogging,


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