Thursday, March 31, 2011

Summer Skimmin

I am really looking forward to summer this morning. I am thinking about things to do on the weekends, since hopefully I will have more time on the weekend, and I would really like to get the old skimboard out. If I can't get out of Ann Arbor to hit up Lake Michigan I think that I will follow these kids' lead and try out some flat water skimmin on a lake around here.

I have also seen people skim in little puddles, so there is always that option. Just some things to put on the sticky side of my brain as my Contracts professor would say.

Enjoy your Thursday, hopefully a new office tonight!



Sharkbytes said...

Crazy! Can't do that on Lake Michigan though, except on a very unusual day! Portage Lake, perhaps?

Jon Moreno said...

did you ever find any place in ann arbor to go skimboarding?

Jon Moreno said...

did you ever find a place to go skimboardin in A2?

John Yonkers said...

Jon, I have not. I have not looked in quite some time. You have any ideas?