Thursday, June 24, 2010

Coming soon

Coming soon to this blog is a series that I call: The go to Series. It will focus on things that I consider the best of the best, the items that I cannot make it through the day without. I hope that you find the upcoming list to be insightful and a good starting off point for your own adventuring.

This series will be a long running one covering all of the seasons and many different areas of my life. The list includes: books, backpacks, jackets, places to relax, magazines, pens, cameras, gas stations, pillows, clothing, knives, hatchets, stores, shoes, roads, photographs, towns, coffee shops, parks, apartments, glasses, beer!, wines, restaurants, plants, trails, lakes, streams, hills, mountains, wishlists and flooring. This list is short compared to the actual series that is soon to come.

If I have left anything out, please let me know. I would also love recommendations and your own personal go to things!


J. Edward

PS here is a nice pic for you of a beautiful time of the year that I call the Me season. Enjoy.

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