Thursday, June 17, 2010

My break into the world of jogging and a review of Champion C9 running shorts!

Admittedly I am rather new to the running world, so I am still trying to decide if it is a sport that I could get behind. Being new I did not want to make a large investment, past shoes that is. I looked at all of the gear that runners use, water bottles, fanny packs, hats, wristbands, jerseys and shorts and decided that to start I would just use my initial investment of the shoes and a regular pair of shorts.

After a few runs I decided that the gym shorts were sufficient, but not the best to jog in. I thought that in order to give jogging a real shot I should see what the whole "support inside the shorts" was all about. I priced a few pairs out and was astonished at the prices, generally $30-75 for guys, after a little while of searching and shopping I stumbled on the C9 line by Champion at target, at $14.99 they are a steal for running shorts. I figured them another rather cheap investment in the decision making process of running

After my initial run this these shorts I realized that there is a true difference. The C9 running shorts eliminate any uncomfortable feelings encountered by gym shorts, and due to the light material that the actual shorts are made of they do not stick to the skin, even during the warmest of runs.

I fully recommend these shorts for anyone who is looking into running and does not want to make a large investment, or anyone looking for a new pair of running shorts.. They run a little small, but other than that they wear well and are a great bargain.

You can pick a pair up at:

In other news, last night I bought a Friday Harbor jacket from Eddie Bauer, I look forward to testing it against all that Northern Michigan can throw at it this fall and winter and letting you all know how it holds up! Take care, GET OUTDOORS NOW!


Ash, The Movie Geek said...

Those shorts sound magical...I wonder if they could keep me from having an asthma attack when I run;)

miadventure said...

That may be a tough one, but you would feel comfortable while having the attack!

Ash, The Movie Geek said...

Score...that's really the key, making it as silent a killer as possible.

Came said...

I will just stick to my gym shorts, for two miles, I can handle any discomfort they might throw at me. But thanks for the tip if I do ever decided to get a pair!