Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What I am feelin' right now

I am on vacation and thinking about things that are perfect.

1. Things that are frozen.

2. Snowshoeing

3. Deer Hunting.

4. Travel Battlewagons. (If you have one for sale please let me know)

5. Cat superheroes

6. Walking on the beach with my beautiful companion.

7. Oberon, 'nuff said.

8. Lake Michigan... all of the time.

To round out the list I will say that I am also thinking about bonfires, hiking, fly-fishing, playing with the giant Frisbee, golf, naps, biking and techy-gadgets.

And as always: . Gosh I love those ads, and Tim Allen's voice in them, the lifestyle they portray (minus the Detroit parts) and everything that they stand for. Good job Michigan.

Also I have now reached my decision. I am going to be buying the Ipad, my reasoning is that I am getting rid of the smartphone and I would still like to be able to connect at times. I did the calculations and it will be cheaper on the whole to just get the Ipad and drop the smartphone! So, time to save my nickels!

On other good news, E-Force is letting me re-up my sponsorship, that means new racquets! hoot!

Time to get out of the house and explore, be back in a while, days, maybe a week, maybe only a few hours, you will hear from me though...

Enjoy the weather.


Oh right, forgot, be prepared for the Go to Series reviews coming soon! 

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Ash, The Movie Geek said...

I feel like hunting deer would be much more fair if the deer had a monkey with a gun strapped to its back.
Just throwin' that out there.