Sunday, June 27, 2010

Totally forgot about this trip!

Well, I didn't really forget about it, but I just skipped over it you see.

So last year we took a trip to the UP. I do not want to get too wordy with this post. But, anyway, we went north with the final destination of tahquamenon falls.

With the sultan of the trip in the back of the mighty stagecoach hanging in the back we trekked noth:

When we got there we were so excited one of us did a cute dance:

The Upper Peninsula, even if it does not contribute to the propulsion of the state's economic status, is one of Michigan's greatest assets. With such picturesque attractions as the many falls, the limestone shoreline and the numerous mountains that dot the landscape it is hard to not think that land is best not when it is touched by human hand, but when it is left the way our creator forged it and the way he wants the land to evolve.


I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you glaciers for the carving this state into the beautiful land that it is! Without glaciers..... we would be like one of those nasty middle-America states... eww.

I love trips to the UP. If you have never been, you should go. If you have been, you should go again, they could use the tourist dollars.

One of my favorite sightings from the trip was of this little guy:

Chelsea and her dad were determined that it was a 6 foot viper. However if you look closely you can see that he is no bigger than the leaves to his right. I wish that I could have gotten a picture of the Michigan rattlesnake that we saw on our recent trip to Wilderness State Park.

Oh the things you see when you get out and do things.

So on that note, get outside, do something, and as always remember to check up on this thing from time to time. I am updating all of the time for now.



Tom said...

John, I expect to see a tour of your apartment on here once you get all moved in!

miadventure said...

tom, don't worry you might even get a video!

Jessica said...

Fun pics! I've always wanted to head up that way.