Saturday, July 24, 2010

First Ascent- Little Tahoma

Eddie Bauer claims that this simple little pack is perfect for trekking or town, so I decided to put it to the test.

I got this bag around the Winter Holidays last year as a little Christmas gift to myself.

My initial trials with the Tahoma were in some frigid temps and pretty harsh conditions while on a few snowshoeing hikes.

The bag proved itself in the snow and has since proven itself in a variety of conditions and scenarios including kayak trips, hiking, jaunts into town, school bag, weekend clothes bag, biking to work bag, shopping bag and camera bag.

As with all things the Tahoma has appealing features and a few negatives.

This thing has multiple tool straps on the front which offer various ways of attaching extra items. It also has two compression straps on each side, with clips, that serve as compression straps and also aid in holding water bottles in the shallow side pockets.

The top-load feature of the large main compartment in placed in a neutral spot that allows easy access for you or a partner. While inside the main compartment you will find a hand feature, a mess pouch to keep necessaries out of the hodgepodge of the large compartment.

A quick access zipper on the top offers enough space to hold a wallet, some keys, your phone and a pocket digital cam. Lower down the pack there are two side-entrance pockets that are much roomier than they first appear. They come in very handy for holding flashlights, meal bars, tools, knives and other implements that are require quick access.

Ripstop construction assures a long life for the pack as well.

The back board does not offer much support, however in this case the flexibility of it does not take away from the pack overall. The limp back support actually helps to conform to the back, and offers a comfortable fit no matter the load, that is if the straps and compression adjustments have been made.

Little Tahoma does have accommodations for a hydration system or a laptop.

The negatives of this pack are not terrible, but they are worth mentioning:
     -Shallow water bottle pockets, while bottles fit they often fall out if not strapped in.
     -Non-waterproof zippers/ material. Not a biggie for a school bag, or a travel pack, but would have been nice on a few trips.
     -No hanger hooks for the water bladder (this causes folds in the bladder and your supply can be cut off temporally.

Overall this is a good entry level bag it also works well as a school bag or a traveling bag. It has all of the techy features that bag lovers could seek without being bulky or too heavy.

I would both buy it again, and recommend it to a friend.

In fact I bought one for C. Bromley. She loves it and will be adding her own review soon.

Take care.


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