Thursday, July 15, 2010

Get inspired!

Every once in a while I get a little feeling like I am turning my wheels as we all do. When this happens I look for something to turn things around. I have had the list in my head for a few hours now and I would like to share it with you. I hope you find some sort of inspiration in it as well.

1. The end of this wretched humid, hot, soggy weather.
     Being hot is no fun for anyone, especially for me. The hardest part is that when you are hot you can only go so far to cool yourself down, you can get naked, which is never fitting for the workplace. However, when you are cold you can always add a jacket, sweatshirt or what ever layer you choose. So today, I am being inspired by the times of the year when the mornings are brisk.

1. (a)

           A nice little pond in Northern Michigan is the perfect spot to sit and take a break while hiking along the two-track. I especially like how the trees in their metamorphosis make a perfect frame for the marsh behind them.

1. (b)

        The barely frozen ice at the backwaters of Tippy Dam offer picturesque views almost every day of the year. They are especially beautiful in the winter as the leaves are off the trees and the hills behind offer an interesting backdrop. I took this while hiking around with my brother.

I cannot wait to enter into cooler seasons, oh yes, words like splendid, cozy, chilly, breathtaking and the best of all, bone chilling. Cooler times call for long hikes, bonfires, cold beer, football games, movie nights, long mornings with coffee walks, snowshoeing, visiting family, wine rides and exploring of every kind. This year I am especially lucky because I do not have to start school until January and can explore and take trips and enjoy the fall with much more ease!

2. My guitar.
     I have begun this odd obsession with picking up the guitar again. I've been playing with increasing frequency, and hope that I keep at it this time. I would like to be confident in my guitar playing. When I play it I feel very inspired. Gotta keep it up!

3. Water.
     In all shapes and forms. I love to swim in it, kayak, fish, float, boat, and just be near it. Water is elegant and destructive at the same time. This is seen in the way a wave will roll over a sandbar slowly only to smash onto the shore to reshape its line. Every wave is different and perfectly beautiful.

4. Health.
     I am still on the jogging kick, although I have become sidetracked by moving. I would like to start taking my supplements again and being conscious of what goes in my mouth. I would like to become healthy all around, body and mind. I need to take time for me, to meditate and relax. So here is to health!

5. Simplicity.

     Like the stuff that comes from taking and looking at things in macro. I love taking pictures of small things that many people never even notice.

I can truly say that I am inspired by many things at the moment. I would like to keep this up. 

So if you are reading this and have anything that inspires you please let me know. I would love to check it out.You know, pictures, web links, sayings anything really. 

Hope your day is swell. I am off to do something!



Ash, The Movie Geek said...

Great shots.

miadventure said...

Thank you very much! How about some inspiring words? PS thanks for telling your MySpace people about this thing!


Bo Bradly said...

john...still loving the pictures of waves...I have a suggestion regarding your most supplements are nothing but chemicals and animal products (re: unhealthy and dangerous), I have been taking sun warrior products...they are GREAT!...sincerely...research them--don't simply take my word for it...I take ormus, activated barley, and the protein....daily...the link is on my page at "discovered" them about six months ago...looove them...annnd I cannot wait to get away from this oppressive heat either!'s nasty...I'm longing for chilly walks through central park, cool kayaking in the hudson river, refreshing hiking in the catskill mountains, snowy walks down 5th avenue around christmas time...sigh...six weeks it starts... :-)