Friday, July 23, 2010

It's in the bag!

So, you have been hearing about it, and anticipating this for at least a week or so! Here it is: the backpack extravaganza!

Before we start in with the reviewing madness we will discuss the basics of a backpack.

Some people have a different backpack for every occasion, which is very nice if you have the money and the space. However I would rather spend good money on a few packs with essential elements and creature comforts.

The perfect backpack for everyday use or even weekend trips needs the following:

-30 liter capacity

-Multiple front hooks for attaching extra things via carabiner

-Adjustable/ stretchable side pockets to hold water containers

- Sternum strap, if you can get a whistle attached to the strap that is a definite bonus. Sternum straps are one       of the most important things that you can get one a backpack. They will make your load a lot more comfortable and it will feel like you are carrying a bag full of air.

     -Top loading main compartment: must have a padded (insulated) sleeve, for water reservoir or laptop.
     -Front pockets to help separate things that you will use more often.
     -Quick access top compartment. These are great for the things that you need most; wallet, phone, energy      bar, camera or other necessaries.
          -Within the quick access compartment it is very nice to have a key clip to help keep your keys from falling out when you are on the go.
     -Inner mesh pocket to separate things like deodorant and extra socks.

-Ripstop material; so that little tears don't ruin the whole bag. Also small tears are easily mended with a needle and a little dental floss.

-Contour padding on the back and the hip-belt.

-Compression straps on all sides. These allow for a more tailored fit and feel no matter the type or size of load.

-Water/ weather resistant. When choosing a bag be sure to weigh the elemental stress in with the features that you seek. It is definitely worth spending a little extra money for a bag with weatherproof zippers, zipper flaps and tough waterproof panel materials.

Remember these criteria when you read the reviews that will follow in the next few days.

Thanks for reading.
Got a lot going on.
Moved in to apt.
Pics coming very soonish.
So many reviews to come.

Hope you are doing well.


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