Thursday, July 8, 2010

So much inspiration!

The day after our stay at the Hart Motel we had to trek further North to Traverse City, easily my favorite town in Michigan, for an orthopedic appointment. The good news is that I can stave off future back problems with a nightly routine of yoga, hurray!

After finding out that the National Cherry Festival did not start until the following day we decided to check out some of the local shops.

We hit up the Cherry Republic, where we bought some Boom Chugga Lug Cherry Soda for a buck a bottle! What a great local shop.

After a little more walking we popped into Running Fit of Traverse City. I was very tempted to purchase a new pair of Asics, but did not have the funding at the time. I will most definitely be buying the Nimbus 12s this week though! It was like walking on a cloud. (once I buy them a review will be in order.)

We perused numerous other downtown shops and decided, yet again, that we love Travers City! Gonna hit up a Beach Bums game later this summer.

On the way home we traipsed the elegant M-22 South to a tower that overlooks the land just north of Arcadia. It is known as Inspiration Point, and the name is surely an accurate description of the spot.

The trip to the top is not quick, but it is worth every step.

So worth it.

We even caught a glimpse of a few deer taking a break from the heat on the beach.

And a real life Lower Laker!

A great way to cap off any trip, sitting way up high, looking down at what we have been given.

If you are ever on M-22 check out Inspiration Point, and if you have the time shoot on over to gravity hill on Putney road.



C. Bromley said...

Great photos!

Ash, The Movie Geek said...

Lovely shots.
That one of the deer is amazing:)